Interior and Exterior car detailing services in Delaware

There are many variables that contribute to the quality of your paints surface, some of which are listed below:

  • Is the vehicle parked in the sun all day?
  • Is the vehicle parked under trees all day?
  • Is the vehicle garaged when not in use?
  • Is the vehicle in an urban/suburban/rural setting?
  • Is the vehicle parked in an industrial area?
  • Is the vehicle parked in a dusty environment?
  • Is the vehicle parked in a salt air environment, near the ocean?
  • Is the vehicle parked near railroad tracks or a major highway?
  • Are the roads paved, dirt or gravel?
  • Is there construction going on in the area?
  • Do you hand wash the vehicle or take it to the car wash?
  • What do you use to wash the car?
  • How well is the paint prepared to accept wax? (Wax will stick better to clean paint versus dirty, stained, contaminated paint)
  • If you take your vehicle through a car wash, what kind of car wash? Touch-less? Hand Wash? Spinning Brushes?

From a simple car wash to deluxe interior and exterior detailing, we can do it all. Our cleaning equipment and personnel can handle any project. If it has paint, we can polish and protect it.

Use the links  to familiarize yourself with our range of services. We look forward to welcoming you to Delaware Detailing Services and showing you what we can do to make your vehicle shine.

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